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Not all cases have to go to trial. When a divorcing couple comes to a full agreement as to the terms of their divorce, the process is referred to as an uncontested divorce. The term covers all aspects of a divorce including, but not limited to, division of assets/debts, child support, parenting time, custody, spousal support (alimony), and custody. The process is simple, straight forward, and cost-effective.

Johnson Law, P.C. has experienced divorce lawyers that assist with making sure the necessary documents are completed correctly in uncontested divorces. Using an experienced attorney avoids potential risks of common procedural errors and ensures the document will be accepted by the court.

Uncontested divorces have many benefits including allowing the parties to control the outcome of their dissolution of marriage. Each party knows what they will receive leaving the marriage. The process also significantly increases parties’ abilities to successfully co-parent for years to come.

Each Washington County divorce is different as no two families are the same. If you have questions about an Oregon divorce, especially if it involves children or spousal support (alimony) claims, contact a Hillsboro, Oregon family law attorney today by calling Johnson Law, P.C.

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