A divorce, custody, or parenting time dispute is a challenging and potentially daunting time of life. We understand the challenges our client’s face and we focus on treating our client’s the way we would want to be treated.

Divorce & Separation

Aggressive Representation to Protect your Rights. We seek to protect your interest during the dissolution of marriage or legal separation process.

Spousal Support & Child Support

Accomplished attorneys committed to excellence in and out of the courtroom. We assist with protecting your financial future by assisting to establish a proper spousal support and child support award.

Custody & Parenting Time

Your family is our top priority. Custody and parenting time issues are among the two highest litigated items relating to a family law case. Ensuring your children have the appropriate parenting time plan that is in their best interest is or main goal.


Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, Johnson Law, P.C. is a prominent Oregon family law firm focused on protecting what is most important to you. Our family law practice focuses on dissolution of marriages, divorce, child custody, parenting time, spousal support, property division, child support and spousal support, and post-judgment enforcement and modifications. Whether you are going through a divorce or upholding your parental rights to your children, it is our mission to protect your interests by tailoring services so your case is given the care and attention it deserves.

“Our firm was founded on the principal of providing highly tailored legal services to protect our clients’ interests at all stages of their case.”


Collaborative law is a process focused on resolving family law cases outside the courtroom. Our collaborative law practice focuses on working through problems and issues with a team of experts specifically compiled for our client’s cases.


Mediation involves both parties working together toward a final resolution of the matter in an amicable fashion. The process often saves families time and money compared to a traditionally litigated matter. The family law attorneys at Johnson Law, P.C. are well trained in the meditation process and can guide parties through the process from start to finish.


Every decision, including a divorce, can impact your estate and requires proactive asset management. The attorneys at Johnson Law, P.C. understand the complex interplay between protecting assets before and after a major life change, including, a divorce or change in financial circumstances. We understand what is most important to you and assist Oregon families have peace of mind through thorough estate planning including wills and trusts.

Client Testimonials

“Ralph is a smart, confident, lawyer. He explained things in plain english and went the extra mile for me….even when the opposing lawyer did shady stuff and we still won our case. Thank you again… Ralph for giving me my life back” (AVVO).


“I hired Ralph on my divorce/child custody case. He was very helpful and had great communication. He also had very good suggestions and great advice. I fought for what I believed to be fair and with out his help I would surely have less time to enjoy with my son. I’m thankful for the help I revived and would definitely recommend anyone to consult with him.” (AVVO).


“I retained Ralph for a child custody and parenting time matter. When I first met Ralph I had a lot of questions and needed guidance. At the end of the day Ralph was able to help me reach a fair settlement. I am so happy and fully recommend him to anyone in a similar position.” (AVVO).