Child Support Attorney

Do you need a child support attorney? If children are in the picture, they are often one of the central focuses in a divorce. Oregon has strict rules to protect the children and ensure parents contribute to the support of the children. Oregon follows a formula in an online calculator called the Oregon Child Support Guidelines Calculator. This calculator provides an estimate of monthly child support based off each parents’ gross income, spousal support owed, parenting time, health care coverage costs for the children, and child care costs. The factors can be rebutted based on various enumerated factors but is often the starting point when calculating child support.

Child Support Modification

Child support may be reconsidered every three years. Prior to the three-year mark, if there has been a substantial change in circumstances, child support may be modified at that time. The parent pursuing the modification must demonstrate valid proof of such substantial changes before this will be considered by the court. Substantial changes that may allow for a modification include: change in needs of the child, change in physical custody of the child, change in the number of children involved, change in overnights a parent receives, or change in income of one or both parents of the child.

When preparing for a modification of child support case, a Hillsboro family law attorney will review the background of the case and relevant factors. This includes filing the necessary paperwork required by the court for the modification of child support and preparing the matter for trial before a divorce and family law judge.

Child Support Enforcement

Situations arise in which a parent may cease to pay child support. Oregon puts the best interest of the children first and has set up many measures to ensure children are not the victims of parental disputes or suffer because of unforeseen economical events. There are steps the custodial parent can do to have the court enforce support payments be made. The parent who is not making child support payments may have his or her wages garnished or a wage withholding order may be put in place. Often support enforcement is done through the Department of Justice Division of Child Support.

When to Contact a Hillsboro Attorney

Prior to any child support initiating or modification case, it is prudent to speak with a divorce attorney to ensure your interests are protected. The Hillsboro divorce attorneys at Johnson Law, P.C. have experience with child support cases.

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