Family Law and Dissolution of Marriage in Clackamas County, Oregon

Located in the heart of Oregon, Clackamas County is one of the three major tri-counties including, Washington County, Multnomah County, and Clackamas County. Created in 1843, Clackamas County (then called Clackamas District) was one of the first four original districts created by Oregon’s Provisional Legislature. Clackamas County has since grown to be the third larges, by population size, county in Oregon. Clackamas County is home to two national forests including the Mount Hood National Forest and the Willamette National Forest. The major cities in Clackmas County are Lake Oswego, Rivergrove, and Wilsonville. However, the citities of Portland and Tualatin do extent into Clackamas county, as well.

The Clackamas County Circuit Courthouse is located in Oregon City. The family law and divorce department consists of several judges that hear cases throughout the day. Clackamas County offers several Family Law Self-Help forms and to assist with improving access to justice for parties representing themselves.

Johnson Law, PC is based in Washington County with an office in Portland, Oregon. The child, family law, and Clackamas County divorce attorneys at Johnson Law, PC are familiar with and appear at Clackamas County Circuit Court.

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