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Stalking Orders

Oregon has two primary types of protective orders when it comes to stopping unwanted contact: restraining orders and stalking orders. Each of these orders help prevent unwanted contact with another person.

A stalking order may be obtained against another person if a court finds: (1) the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly engages in repeated and unwanted contact with the other person or a member of that person’s immediate family or household thereby alarming or coercing the other person; (2) it is objectively unreasonable for a person in the victim’s situation to have been alarmed or coerced by the contact, and (3) the repeated and unwanted contact causes the victim reasonable apprehension regarding the personal safety of the victim or a member of the victim’s immediate family or household.

Stalking orders can be permanent. It is important to speak with an attorney regarding the burden and ramifications of an Oregon stalking order. If you have any questions, contact an Oregon family law attorney today by calling Johnson Law, P.C.

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